Grace Fund

Grace Fund was created to help our clients who are in need of assistance during unforeseen medical emergencies of their pets.

Grace fund is also used by our clinic to provide discounted services to local animal rescue groups.

The Grace Fund will match funds that the pet owner is able to contribute. The Grace Fund contribution will be made on the recommendation of at least two staff members. Pet owners cannot themselves directly solicit funds.

Highlights of our efforts:

September 2016: A donation of $2000 to Zoe's Animal Rescue, a rescue organization based in Edmonton.

October 2016: Donated 5 neuters and 5 Spays for Zoe's Animal Rescue's Spay Neuter Release Program.

If you would like to help animals in need, and put a pet owner’s mind at ease, please donate today. Donations can be made in the front office of every clinic or with a credit card by clicking the Paypal button below.