Pet Medical Services

Veterinary Services Provided at Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital

If you are looking for a trusted veterinarian in Edmonton, AB, the compassionate team at Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital is here to provide care for your beloved pet. We provide various services to ensure your pet lives long and happily. Our animal hospital has a full lab, X-rays, surgical suite, and pharmacy to assist with any pet medical services you may need.

Pet Medical Services

Pet Wellness Exams and Vaccines

Regular pet wellness exams are essential for all pet life stages. These checkups help prolong your pet's life by catching severe problems early and keeping them healthy with up-to-date vaccinations. Our veterinarian team follows the most recent vaccination standards to ensure your pet has the proper protection for their age, species, and area of residence.

Digital Radiology and Surgery

Our veterinary team understands that even routine surgery can be stressful for you and your pet, so we strive to provide successful procedures with smooth and uneventful recoveries

Waiting for lab results such as bloodwork can cause delay in getting your pet the medical care they need. Our in-house lab allows our veterinarians to get results quickly to make informed decisions about your pet’s needs. Our veterinarians often need to do X-rays to determine your pet's ailment. With our onsite digital radiology, we can get immediate radiographic information to help diagnose your pet's condition. Referral for board certified radiologist interpretation is also available.


Many pet owners don’t realize the importance of regular dental care for their pets, but poor dental health can lead to other diseases and health issues down the road. Our facility is equipped to perform routine dental cleanings and necessary extractions on your pet to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and pain-free for optimal health.

End-of-Life Care

There comes a time in every pet owner’s life when they must make the tough decision to say goodbye. Our team of animal lovers knows the pain, heartache, and stress that this can cause. We are prepared to compassionately help your sweet pet over the rainbow bridge through humane euthanasia.

Visit Us for a Veterinarian in Edmonton

As you can read above, our hospital provides multiple services to provide for your animal when they need it most. For veterinary care in Edmonton, AB, contact Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital at (780) 756-5070 for your pet's wellness needs. 


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