Healthy Weight Program

Conversations about your pet’s weight can be difficult to start, but are an important aspect of their overall health. Our Healthy Weight Programs are an easy way to start that conversation as they are built to find the best plan for your pet. We are here to normalize the weight topic, whether there are concerns regarding weight loss, gain or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With both the Gold and Platinum,  use regular nutritional consults to get a look into your pet’s current feeding and activity plan and based on their needs, customize a plan just for them that we then help you implement at home. We will provide a recommendation of food that is nutritionally balanced and healthy for your pet which you will receive a bag/case at each consult. With our Platinum program, your pet will also get a comprehensive blood work screen done to rule out any medical causes for weight change.

Healthy Weight Programs

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The journey to reaching a healthy weight can look very different depending on your pet's specific needs. We will assess your pets body condition, lifestyle and diet to help support their unique needs.

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