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We love animals at Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital and we especially love being chosen to care for your animals, and we do everything in our power to earn your trust. That's why we highly recommend spaying and neutering your pet. Overpopulation of cats and dogs is a huge problem and, unfortunately, shelters are filled with abandoned and homeless puppies and kittens. Aside from the population problem, there are several other reasons why your pet should undergo this procedure.

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The Health Benefits

Choosing to spay a female dog or cat decreases the risk of uterine or mammary cancer, both of which are serious diseases. Spaying before the pet's first heat offers the best protection from developing uterine and mammary cancer. Neutering a male prevents testicular cancer, and also helps eliminate unwanted litter.

Fitness and Lifespan

It's simply not true that a spayed or neutered animal will become fat and lazy. Ask our veterinarian if you have doubts. In addition, a pet who has been spayed or neutered early in life is typically easier to train and control and can be more affectionate. That makes for an excellent pet, especially with children. Happy and healthy pets also live longer.

Spaying and Neutering Are Cost-Effective

Spaying or neutering is among the most cost-effective veterinary service for your pet. Both are relatively risk-free procedures and recovery is normally quick and painless. The result is a "best friend", one with less risk for serious diseases. Weigh that against the possibility of needed emergency vet services if a roaming dog is hit by a car or if your animal must be treated for cancer.

Spaying & Neutering in Edmonton, AB

Would you like to discuss the topic of spaying and neutering in greater depth? Call Crossing Animal Hospital at (780) 756-5070 to schedule an appointment. We'll help you decide what's best for you and your furry friend. We always strive to provide comprehensive, cost-effective, and compassionate pet care.


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