Preventative Wellness Screenings

There are many ways to keep your pets healthy and give them quality care. One of those ways is to ensure you stay on top of preventative wellness testing at. If you're in Edmonton Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital is here to help you. Preventative tests are essential to catch problems early, making them more treatable and keeping your pet healthier for longer.

Preventative Wellness Screenings

Pet Wellness Is Important for Quality of Life

To give your pet the best quality of life and the most time with you and your family, you want to keep them healthy and happy. You can't always control what happens to your pet's health, but you can reduce the risk of health problems by ensuring regular screenings for any issues they might develop. A physical exam is generally part of that screening, as well as any vaccinations recommended for their lifestyle.

Routine Blood Screenings

Routine blood screenings are an important part of preventative medicine will look at your pet’s internal organs and overall blood picture for anything abnormal. These screenings can help detect changes in your pet's health and catch health concerns sooner. Issues seen in their earliest stages are generally more treatable than problems discovered later. Your pets will thank you for prompt treatment of a medical condition that will have them feeling healthy and happy again. Blood screening is a vital part of disease discovery and treatment.

Routine Parasite Screening

Parasites such as worms are more common than you may think! And often our pets can be carrying these parasites without us knowing and they can even be passed to people. That is why routine fecal screenings are important in detecting infestations before they start to have negative implications for your pet’s health.

We Provide Quality Veterinarian Services for Your Pets

If you're in the Edmonton, AB, area and looking for a veterinarian to help you stay on top of your pet’s preventative wellness testing, Whitemud Crossing Animal Hospital is here to help. We strive to make owners feel confident that we are doing all we can to keep their pets safe, healthy, and protected from avoidable and treatable conditions. So contact us at (780) 756-5070, and let us give your pet preventative screenings for a healthier, longer life.


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