Orthopedic Surgery & Ultrasound

Orthopedic and Specialty Surgeries 

Dr. Nour Hashish


We are very excited to be able to offer a variety of orthopedic surgeries through our partnership with mobile surgeon, Dr. Nour Hashish. Dr. Hashish is the founder of Vetmonton mobile veterinary services and he is a small animal veterinary surgeon who has been practicing in Canada since 2013, prior to which, he owned and ran a busy small animal clinic in Egypt since 2003. Passionate about orthopedic surgeries, he received training in both Germany and the USA. With his experience and expertise, Dr. Hashish is able to come to our clinic and perform complex orthopedic surgeries including cruciate ligament repair and bone fracture repairs.

Ultrasound Imaging 

FVS Imaging 


We are very fortunate to work closely with FVS Imaging to be able to  provide our patients with the non-invasive diagnostic tool of ultrasound imaging. FVS is a veterinary mobile ultrasound service in the greater Edmonton, Alberta region.Through referrals from our veterinarians, FVS provides high quality ultrasound exams and interpretations for our patients performed in house at our practice. Ultrasound imaging can help provide critical information to aid in diagnosis and treatment of regions including the abdomen, heart, chest and neck without needing invasive procedures.


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