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We know you love your pets and we do too, so we want to help keep them happy, healthy and a part of your family for longer. That's why we have our Whitemud Wellness Club to help stay on top of their preventative health care needs.

Preventative medicine includes performing regular physical exams, routine vaccinations, fecal parasite screening, routine bloodwork and urine screening. All of this helps us monitor your pet’s health and catch any concerns early so they can stay feeling great.

We also know that it can be difficult financially to provide the best care for your pets and to help with that burden, our Wellness Plans spread out the cost of your pet’s annual health needs into affordable and predictable monthly payments throughout the year.

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Our Plans

We offer a total of 5 plans for both canine and feline patients. These plans are designed to deliver comprehensive health care that best suits your pet. Wellness Plans do differ from pet insurance as Wellness Plans do not cover medical expenses associated with unexpected illnesses or accidents but rather help keep your pet healthy with preventative medicine. Check out a summary of what our Wellness Plans include below. We are always here to help you select a plan that's right for you and your pet! 

Canine Wellness Plan

Cat / Kitten Wellness Plans

*Additional fees will apply for in heat or mature spays. Our practice has a size limit of 50lbs for spays

**Dental cleaning refers to a dental prophylaxis for the removal of plaque and calculus, this does not include any tooth extractions

Getting Started

We encourage you to reach out with any questions you may have including plan specifics, pricing, and how to enroll your pet in the Whitemud Wellness Club. Our staff would love to answer your questions and discuss your pet's eligibility for a Wellness Plan.

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